Have Your Car Fixed by a Reliable Auto Repair Company

Ramirez & Sons Auto Service and Collision is a premier car shop that offers repairs using quality parts. We provide comprehensive services to all our customers in the Hudson County.

What We Offer

Our company focuses on three important processes for automotive repairs, which are computer diagnostic tests, electrical repairs, and alignments.

We run computer diagnostics to make sure that possible problems, such as oxygen sensor failure and loose gas cap, do not occur suddenly. Electrical repairs of power windows, lighting systems, engine starters, and more make these parts function well again. Lastly, alignments are necessary for the suspension system of your vehicle.

What Else We Can Do

We also do repairs for full collisions, front-end suspension and/or steering components, and AC systems. If your engine or transmission needs to be replaced, fixed, or rebuilt, we can happily do it for you. Our team provides tune-ups if you want your car to run at peak efficiency. Please note that all transmission repairs have a warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles.

Contact Us

To get the process started today, reach out to our reliable team! We look forward to hearing from you.